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     On June 25, 1805, Col. Richard Butler, son and nephew of American Revolutionary war heroes, bought the Mississippi River plantation home and land from Mrs. d'Trepagnier.  Butler, who had served in the U.S. Army, named his new home, Ormond Plantation, after his ancestral home – the Castle Ormonde in Ireland.  On August 7, 1809, Butler sold a one-third share of Ormond to Captain Samuel McCutchon, a merchant and mariner from Pennsylvania.  On June 29, 1819, Richard Butler turned over all of his holdings to Samuel McCutchon, and moved to Bay St. Louis, where both Mr. and Mrs. Butler died from Yellow Fever in 1820, when Richard Butler was only forty-three.

Captain Samuel McCutchon (1773 – 1840), a U.S. Naval officer, had been commissioned by President John Adams — and like many others who were attracted to the New Orleans venture following the Louisiana Purchase, he left Philadelphia for Louisiana.

Samuel McCutchon’s wife was Rebecca Butler (April 20, 1782-June 23, 1844), daughter of Colonel William Butler (4th Penn Regiment American Revolution) & Jane Carmichael of Pittsburgh, PA.

Samuel & Rebecca's 9 children were:

     Jane Butler McCutchon b. July 17, 1809  m. William Frege Krumbhaar
     Eliza Ann McCutchon b. January 22, 1811 in LA m. Robert Rhea Montgomery
     Richard McCutchon b. 1812
     James William McCutchon b. 1814 d. 1888, Orleans Parish, LA
     Stephen Decatur McCutchon b. Dec 14,1815
     William Bainbridge McCutchon b. 1818 m. Mary Matilda – owned earlier home at 741East Beach
     Samuel B. McCutchon, Jr. b. 1820 m. Adele d'Estrehan – owned 861 East Beach
     Percival Butler McCutchon b. September 26, 1821 m. Jane Butler Browder – owned 829 East Beach
     Zelia Henderson McCutchon b. April 6, 1828 m. George Carson Lawrason – owned earlier home at 743 East Beach

                                       * * * *
     Samuel B. McCutchon was apparently a partner in sugar production with his brother William Bainbridge McCutchon.  During the Civil War, Samuel served as a Lt. Colonel in the Louisiana Calvary.  At the end of the war, he emigrated to British Honduras and established a sugar plantation.  Some historians credit Samuel McCutchon for the successful introduction of plantation-scale sugar production to British Honduras, where he died at Belize, and thereafter, his wife, Adele, returned to Pass Christian, where she is buried.

     Samuel B. McCutchon's son, Azby Destrehan McCutchon was educated at Virginia Military Institute.  He married Martha Cabaniss of Danville, VA, with whom there were four children:  Samuel (b. 1892), Azby Destrehan (b. 1894), Adele Destrehan (b. 1895), and Charles Cabaniss (b. 1898).

     William Bainbridge McCutchon m. Mary Matilda Thompson.  Their children were:
     John Butler McCutchon b. 1841 d. January 1, 1869, unmarried.
     Walter McCutchon b. 1842 d. 1843
     Rebecca Butler McCutchon b. July 24, 1844 m. William Y. Logan.
     William Bainbridge McCutchon (jr.) b. 1846, d. about Sept 192_,  m. 1876 to Kate (Katherine/Catherine) Levy.  
              Their children were:
     Elizabeth Mary McCutchon b. Nov. 1878; Maude McCutchon b. 1881 d. Apr 1961 or 1969 (again a scribbled note); Kate McCutchon b. 1884; Dora McCutchon b. 1889.

More recent McCutchon Pass Chrisitan residents:

On 4-4-1883, for $9000, Caroline S Pattison, wife of Wm Pattison, sold to Josephine McCutchon, wife of Augustus H McCutchon a lot which seems to be at the same location as previously owned by William Bainbridge McCutchon.

Following Hurricane of 1947, Louisiana Governor John M Parker and H.D. McCutchon supervised the building of the P.C. Yacht Club in the 1950s at the old canning plant in the Sound.

E. Davis McCutchon served as President of PC-Chamber of Commerce and headed up the 1976 Bicentennial Committee
E. Davis McCutchon – received the Pass Christian Rotary Club  "Outstanding Citizen of the Year" Award.

1935 Land Owners:
829 E Beach     330'     F McCutchon
861 E Beach     200'     Miss AD and C McCutchon
     Devided from the above and granted to:
                            100'     C McCutchon
                            100'     AD McCutchon

Misc Info:

New Orleans Death Notices Microfilm
Adele Destrahan McCutchon 35 yrs W F Dec 26, 1930
William Bainbridge McCutchon W M 80 yrs Aug 6, 1926
William Bainbridge Jr. McCutchon died in New Orleans, Aug. 6, 1926.
Maud (no e) Mccutchon was born in 1887 and died April 1969 according to the SSDI. She married Joseph Edward Clements in New Orleans in 1919.