the Hierns

     The Hierns played a significant part in the early promotion and development of Pass Christian — having acquired properties as early as the 1820s and continuing in community development and welfare while serving in many of the significant official capacities through the 1880s.  Their descendants continue to live in the Long Beach area --- Boggsdale, having a colorful heritage of its own.
     The efforts of Roger and Finley resulted in the incurred interests by the Hendersons who also played vital community participation.  All that remains in their legacy is the street named Hiern Avenue, and in the minds of a handful of history buffs.

                                                       * * * * *

     Bartholemew Pellerin received a Spanish Grant to the former Widow Asmard’s property (the whole peninsula of Pass Christian) in 1809 and sold it while in New Orleans, to Edward Livingston, in 1814.
     Edward Livingston made some sales through Roger Hiern, his agent.  After Livingston’s death in 1836, Roger represented Livingston’s widow, Louisa.
     Charles Shipman and John Henderson and David Hughes acquired Pass Christian peninsula from Louisa Livingston in 1836.
     Roger Hiern acted as agent for Edward Livingston lot sales at least as early as 1830 in transactions to Mrs. Plum, John Hewlett, Charles Shipman, Cornelia Hiern, and Pierre Blanchard and a Mr. LeCompte.  Additionally, the Lighthouse Lot was sold in January 1831.
     Charles Shipman, an early purchaser of property established the first hotel which eventually became the Pass Christian Hotel.  Before his death in 1849, Shipman sold his Henderson, Hughes, Shipman interests to Roger Hiern in 1841.
     Charles Shipman's wife was Cornelia Hiern (daughter of Finley B Hiern)  (Sarah and Claudine Hiern were  spinster sisters who lived together) (Claudine became Lighthouse Keeper after Roger and Finley)
     The first Lighthouse Keeper was Roger Alden Hiern, in 1831;  followed by Finley Bodam Hiern in 1839, and Claudine Hiern from 1844 to 1861, who also became the first Postmaster for Pass Christian.

     Finley B. Hiern acquired the property surrounding the Lighthouse Lot prior to 1842.
     David Michael Hughes, one of the 3 HHS partners, sold his lot ownerships to Dr. Wm. Henry White in October 1837.
     Dr. Wm. Henry White sold a large number of his unsold lots to Dr. William Henry Calvert and wife, Mary Harriet Hughes in August 1842.  Mary Harriet Hughes was sister to David Michel Hughes.  Dr. Calvert was very active in promotion and sales of lots.

      Wm. T. Hepp, Roger A. Hiern and Finley B. Hiern sometimes worked together as active Real Estate Agents

     John Henderson, Sr. was most active and concentrated his land holdings west of the lighthouse leaving a large estate to his heirs – wife Louisa, son Elliot, adopted foster-daughter, Julia (Post) Hamner, and to his daughter-in-law, Catharine Henderson (wife of John, Jr., who was excluded in the Will).  Catherine’s  older son, John Leland Henderson was also active in land sales and promotions from 1890s to 1912.
     John Henderson, Sr's brother-in-law E.P. Fourniquet, an attorney, was also active in property sales and development
     John Henderson, Sr's grandson, John Leland Henderson also became quite active with his uncle Elliot Henderson who inherited much of the original Henderson properties.

     Wm. Gardner Hewes was a public auctioneer in New Orleans during 1840s and 1850s.  Descendants of Hewes inherited the remaining Elliott Henderson Estate following his death in 1913.  Elliot’s wife was a Hewes.